Awesome Trick to Earn Money from Facebook


Have you ever thought of making money out of facebook? If not, then this post will show you 5 amazing ways to generate passive $$$ just by sitting at home. It’s not just limited to Facebook, you can extend these methods for Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest too. There are some guys who are making few thousand dollars monthly with these simple tricks. All you have to do is – take action!

Affiliate Programs + Facebook  =  $

You need to be little creative here. There are several ways to do it. First of all, decide a product that you want to promote. Now start searching for page which are similar to your niche. If I want to promote gaming mouse, then I will search for facebook groups or pages related to PC gaming. See which post is getting more likes, shares & comments.

Now make an interesting comment & point out some fake likes to it. You can find those services at fiverr. This way, your comment will start ranking higher. Once your are on #1 position, edit the comment & insert affiliate link > bank hard!

Or other way is to promote products in facebook groups. But it gets difficult to post manually in 10-15 groups. You can’t use same content every time because this will raise alarms & you’ll end up loosing facebook account. I will recommend you to use massplanner software. It’s paid ($9 per month) but it helps you a lot in facebook commenting, auto following & many more.



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