Reliance Jio to block your SIM cards ?


New Delhi: Reliance Jio may soon have several SIM blocked due to non-verification of the SIM cards, as per media reports.

Those customers who have not duly filled their E-KYC may be the ones at loss. Meida reports also said that Jio users are being sent messages on their number for getting the E-KYC done.

You can call 1977 from your Jio SIM to complete the tele-verification process.

However, if you have opted for eKYC option using your Aadhaar Card to activate the SIM, you need not go through the Tele-verification process.

You do not need any other document to complete the e-KYC process other than your Local Aadhaar ID.

Be careful to submit your local Aadhaar ID where you are applying for a Jio SIM card.

For example, Aadhaar ID issued in Maharashtra will be treated as a local Aadhaar ID for Mumbai, Pune or any other cities/towns/districts within Maharashtra. Aadhaar IDs issued in any other state will be treated as non-local Aadhaar in these regions.

Media reports also say that Reliance Jio began scrutinising the SIM cards from April 1 and messages were also being sent to users for the same.

Source : Zee News


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